The “Daily Delicious”: Asparagus stuffed chicken cordon bleu

I happen to live with someone who has told me one of his favorite meals growing up was his mom’s chicken cordon bleu.

I believe I have attempted chicken cordon bleu recently — slicing open chicken breasts, stuffing them with cheddar cheese and ham from Trader Joe’s, and wrapping them in bacon before baking them up.

chicken cut.jpg

bacon wrapped chicken.jpg

cordon bleu dinner.jpg

I’ve also enjoyed bacon wrapped asparagus frequently as of late!

asparagusTHIS chicken cordon bleu recipe I discovered via incorporates one of my favorite spring vegetables: asparagus — and is a nice blend of bacon wrapped asparagus and chicken cordon bleu.

The recipe is: asparagus stuffed chicken cordon bleu with a creamy wine sauce.

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

This recipe isn’t Paleo as written (as it includes stuffing mix and bread crumbs) — but I’m sure it can easily be made Paleo. I would probably just avoid those ingredients altogether.

For the white wine sauce, I may sub coconut milk or coconut cream for the heavy whipping cream.

I was excited to find this recipe, as it provides another, very creative way to think about asparagus and chicken cordon bleu — and is a light and healthy meal idea.


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One Response to The “Daily Delicious”: Asparagus stuffed chicken cordon bleu

  1. chefman316 says:

    Bacon wrapped anything is a winner for me!

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