EATS!: FRIDAY NIGHT’S DINNER – Thai fish cakes, mango-avo salsa, edamame salad

For Friday night’s dinner — I decided to try out a recipe I featured in my “Daily Delicious” post this week, on Monday, June 3rd!

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

It was a perfect spring day here on June 7th in Wisconsin — so I decided a summery recipe featuring seafood was just the ticket into getting into a more summery mood — but my food photography is NOTHING compared what you see above!

I discovered THIS RECIPE, via a blogger new to me, “The Endless Meal.” 

I decided to pair the Thai Fish Cakes with a Warm Edamame Salad I discovered via

Warm Edamame Salad (Photo Courtesy

z Warm Edamame Salad (Photo Courtesy

So, there were three total recipes to complete: the mango-avocado salsa, the warm edamame salad, and the fish cakes.

First up — was the mango-avocado salsa. The hardest part of this recipe was chopping up the ingredients.

I used:

  • mango (I bought it pre-sliced, so I just had to chop it up)
  • 2 avocados
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 yellow pepper

I chopped everything up, then tossed it together…and then added:

  • juice of 1 lime
  • cilantro

Everything was tossed together and refrigerated until it was time to serve.


Next up: the side dish — Warm Edamame Salad!

I had some mushrooms on hand, so I sliced them up, and tossed them with some shelled edamame, sugar snap peas, and 1 red bell pepper.

raw veg

I sautéed the pile of chopped veggies in some olive oil — eventually tossing in some roasted red pepper flakes, Tamari, a bit of sesame oil, and some red curry paste (a favorite ingredient of mine!)


This was in the pan for awhile. I don’t really time things like I should. I just cook things until the veggies are to my desired consistency.

However, I added the seasonings and Asian flavorings a minute or two before I pulled everything off the heat.

I tossed some edamame beans I had microwaved with the sautéed veggies — and this was the side dish for Friday’s dinner.


edamame salad final plate

Then, it was time for the most stressful part of this dish — the salmon.

I ended up using fresh salmon fillets — after consulting with “The Endless Meal” for advice. She informed me that canned salmon would likely work for this recipe as well.

I pulled the skins off the two salmon fillets I purchased (totaling about 1lb.)


The skin on the first filet peeled right off — but the second filet required calling in some backup!

sliced salmon

Then, I sliced the salmon into tiny pieces for faster cooking — and tossed it into a pan with 1/2 container of full-fat coconut milk, some red curry paste and some minced garlic.

salmon in pan

That was cooked, covered, over medium heat until the fish was cooked (stirring repeatedly) and I mashed the fish with a spatula.

I eventually added a little coconut flour I had on hand to thicken the mix up a bit before I pulled it off the heat.

The mixture had to cool — and then it was time to form the fish cakes and assemble them onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

cakes ready for oven

Then, the cakes were baked in the oven on BROIL. Mine took about 10 minutes — but YOU MUST MONITOR THEM.

I checked on mine EVERY FIVE MINUTES.

cakes out of oven

It really depends on your oven, but I cooked these babies on the top rack on BROIL.

Here is my assembled Friday Night Dinner plate:

finished plate combined

fish final

salad final

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