EATS: Homemade beef jerky!

My boyfriend, A. happens to make the best beef jerky — and like me, he never really sticks to one, standard recipe.

beef jerky meatHe discovers the meat, and then decides what he feels like tasting — and adds such spices and sauces to the marinade for the top round beef cuts he discovered when I FINALLY took him to one of my favorite grocery stores: CERMAK!

beef jerky meat 1Top round beef cuts, already cut for you! All he had to do was slice each beef strip in half vertically, then cut the beef horizontally.

cutting the jerkycutting the jerky 1Once the beef was sliced (which was the hardest part) — it was placed into Ziploc baggies with marinade for flavor-blending! A. uses a variety of spices, and sauces like: Worchestershire, BBQ, soy sauce, steak sauce, etc.

It’s best to marinate overnight — so this was a waiting game!

beefy j marinadeOnce properly marinated, the beef jerky slices were spread out in the dehydrator, and dehydrated until it reached the desired texture — not too soft but not too crispy.

Some pieces in this batch got slightly crispy, because SOMEONE fell asleep! (Making homemade beef jerky is tiring — apparently!)

beefy j.jpgWe definitely enjoyed this beef jerky. It was fun to try out a new kind of meat, and the three pounds of beef jerky SURE DIDN’T LAST LONG!

It’s definitely a great, healthy, protein-filled snack, and can even be made Paleo!

beefy j close.jpg

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