EATS: Heading into the kitchen! Meal-prep PREVIEW!

It’s the WEEKEND! My favorite part of the week! And it’s time to head back into the kitchen! I’m excited about my Friday Night Dinner plans — and my breakfast/dinner plans for next week!

Just got done crafting a grocery list for items for Friday night and next week.

Here’s what’s on the docket:


I plan on making Thai Fish Cakes — featured in my “Daily Delicious” post this week, on Monday, June 3rd!

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

These delicious fish cakes come courtesy of a blog new to me (YAY!): The Endless Meal ( CHECK ‘EM OUT!

I want something light, yet flavorful — and it has been cloudy and in the FIFTIES here in Milwaukee this week (and yes, it is JUNE) — I wanted some summer flavor!

And just SIX ingredients! Can’t wait!


Paleo Police, BEWARE! I sometimes, but very rarely eat soy — in the form of edamame. I just HAVE to have it with my sushi!

This time, I thought I’d try it in a salad.

Warm Edamame Salad (Photo Courtesy

Warm Edamame Salad (Photo Courtesy

Warm, edamame salad — via!

Perfect compliment to my Thai fish cakes — I hope!




Shaved Brussels salad (continuing my obsession with Brussels): via

Brussels salad (Photo Courtesy

Brussels salad (Photo Courtesy

Brussels, apples, onions, blueberries, avocado and walnuts — and swears it’s even better as leftovers! Excited to get my veggies/fruit in — in one bowl as my day begins.

Protein = 2 hard-boiled eggs (I happen to have eggs on had that I need to use!)

eggs**Might have sauerkraut on the side for probiotic benefits!


Here’s where things get fun! I had planned on making a veggie stir-fry — UNTIL I discovered this recipe, within MINUTES of constructing my meal plan — via one of my inspirations, George, via Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations! (Trust me, you WANT to follow his blog!)

INSTEAD, I decided upon Slow-Cooker Stuffed Peppers! — which means that, yes, I will be eating meat this work week. What kind of meat is yet-to-be-determined. It all depends on what I can find when I go “hunting” at the grocery store this weekend. Ideally, it would be bison 🙂 But I am hoping for something lean and healthy like turkey — and would love to mix in some sausage somehow. Stay tuned!

If anyone needs me this weekend: I’ll be in the kitchen! Stay tuned for my EATS posts!

OR — “Follow” me on Instagram to monitor my progress this weekend! (And unfortunately, learn of my obsession with 3 guinea pigs!)

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