The “Daily Delicious”: Homemade Paleo mayo!

When I began following a Paleo diet, many of the bloggers I follow posted recipes for homemade, Paleo mayonnaise.

CLICK HERE for the infamous “Well Fed” Paleo mayo recipe via “The Clothes Make The Girl.”

CLICK HERE for a Paleo mayo recipe from “Nom Nom Paleo.”

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

I wasn’t a really big mayo person anyways — and if I was cutting out bread and sandwiches — I didn’t figure I’d miss the creamy condiment too much.

However, when making chicken salad and/or tuna salad — mayo is kind of essential.

finished chicken saladPaleo-ers promote homemade mayo because of its health benefits. Store-bought mayo is filled with preservatives and chemicals and is not recommended as part of a healthy-eating diet.

Photo Courtesy (Radiance Nutritional Therapy)

Photo Courtesy (Radiance Nutritional Therapy)

Homemade Paleo mayo has about the simplest recipe — including just 4 or so ingredients, depending upon which recipe you are following.

However, it is a BIT complicated to make, which is what initially turned me off from trying it.

After awhile, I got tired of using mustard in my chicken and tuna salads, and decided to give Homemade Paleo Mayo a whirl! (literally!)

The recipes I have discovered thus far say the number one virtue that must be employed when making homemade mayo is PATIENCE!

making mayo

A food processor DEFINITELY helps! The first time I made this, a whisk was used. It’s a good arm workout, but very tiring!

For my mayo, I add some ACV, a dollup of dijon, egg(s) and olive oil. I’ve read using a light olive oil leads to better flavor — but I don’t mind an olive – y flavored mayo. I’ve also read that it is important all of the ingredients come to room temperature fully before they are blended. Hence, more patience — as you have to let the ingredients sit out for a bit.

mayo ingredientsOnce the mayo has developed a creamy consistency — spices can be added for extra flavor — like dill, roasted red pepper flakes, Frank’s Red Hot (for a chipotle mayo), etc.

DON’T be afraid to give making your own, healthy mayo a try! The hardest part is having patience!

tuna salad

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