Man loses 250 pounds with $50/week food budget!

I stumbled upon this article this week via Yahoo Health: The story of Papa Joe Aviance, an LA-based musician and clothing designer who hit 450 pounds before he decided to make a change — following a healthy diet on just 99 cents a day!

In the article, Aviance says he was two cheeseburgers away from diabetes or high cholesterol, and was tired of hating himself.

Papa Joe BEFORE -- (Photo Courtesy said he cleared out his kitchen, and made a deal with himself that he would avoid soda and fast food — two staples in his life.

However, Aviance was broke.

“I was unemployed and couldn’t afford a gym membership or fancy diets,” says Aviance. “I realized that walking was the easiest exercise I could do and it cost nothing. So I grabbed my dance music and tennis shoes, and started walking,” Aviance said in the article.

Then, Aviance budgeted $50 a week for food — doing his main grocery shopping at a 99-Cent Store, which he discovered offered things like fresh produce, tuna and eggs.

Within 18 months, Aviance lost 250 pounds, and a visit to his doctor confirmed that he was no longer at risk for diabetes, elevated cholesterol, or high blood pressure.

Today, Aviance is a health and wellness expert touring the country to inspire obese children and adults to start moving.

Papa Joe AFTER -- (Photo Courtesy me, Aviance is an inspiration. He saw a problem in his life — and faced the problem head-on, working toward a solution. He didn’t let any obstacles get in his way, and didn’t let not having the financial means to buy super-high-quality food stop him from committing to his goal of eating healthy.

This story also illustrates the need for grocery stores and discount stores that offer fresh produce, and more healthful grocery items — versus aisles upon aisles of cheap, processed food.

In Milwaukee right now, in one of the neighborhoods in which there is a high level of poverty, residents were elated to learn a grocery store was being build in the neighborhood. Many of the residents in this neighborhood say they don’t have the ability to get in the car and drive to the nearest grocery station — and said this grocery store would open the community to the world of healthy eating.

Then, they learned a Dollar Tree will be moving in instead — and are devastated to learn they will not have access to fresh produce and fresh meat like they had hoped.

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Each of these stories struck me because I truly believe that individuals should have the right and ability to eat healthfully if that is what they choose for themselves — regardless of where they live or what their income level is.

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  1. If an article could really be perfect, yours would be the one I’d pick. I like how you’ve stated your views and kept things engaging.

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