EATS: DINNER for the work week! MEXICAN: Veggie tacos!

I cannot escape my obsession with collard greens. The only way I DON’T like them is cooked!

I am OBSESSED with collard wraps and collard salads. I love the dryness and the bitterness of the collards when snuggling delicious ingredients or serving as a base for said ingredients.

collardsAnd, like anything with bacon, or anything Greek, sign me up for anything Mexican!

For dinner this work week, I decided upon collard-wrapped tacos — but decided to do them up veggie style — part cooked, and part raw! Based upon a recipe I discovered via a Facebook post by Blogilates.

Photo Courtesy Blogilates

Photo Courtesy Blogilates

The PERFECT summer dinner I could easily pack up for work this week!

The hardest part of this recipe was the cauliflower “Spanish” rice. Because I broke my food processor on Friday afternoon, ricing my cauliflower was a no-go.

LUCKILY, I had stumbled upon THIS RECIPE via a Facebook post earlier this week — and decided to give it a try — with my own veggie substitutions!

cauli rice blended

Another veggie taco ingredient that needed to be cooked up ahead of time were my roasted peppers. I picked up some jalapenos and poblano peppers, brushed them with coconut oil and roasted them for about 30 minutes or so, at 350 degrees.

peppersroasted peppersBuilding my veggie taco would come Sunday morning — when it would be time to pack my dinner for work!

I cut the hard stem part from the bottom of my collard wrap, then spread on some of the cauliflower rice.

Then, I stacked on a few raw, white mushrooms and some sliced, roasted peppers (2 jalapeno and 1/2 poblano).

taco startedNext was some raw shredded Brussels sprouts I happened to have on hand — leftover from last week’s Kale/Brussels salad I made for breakfast/lunch.

Finally — I spooned on a few spoonfuls of a salsa I picked up at the store — that promises to be SUPER spicy!

taco finishedThen, I rolled everything up and packed it up to enjoy at my desk at work at dinner time!

This recipe was to serve as dinner for the work week (Sunday – Thursday). It was served with two veggie spring rolls (sliced carrots, red and green peppers — wrapped up in rice paper wrappers).

Later in the week, I began sauteing mushrooms and onions in olive oil, and pouring that into a bowl with the cauliflower rice, salsa and some Frank’s Red Hot. I sliced up the collards salad-style. I tossed some Brussels sprouts into a separate container.

Then, when it was dinner time at work, I microwaved the container with the cauliflower rice — and then poured the topping onto the collards in my salad bowl. Then, I tossed the Brussels in…and it was much less messy for desk eating! — But definitely still probably a 5+ paper towel meal!

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