The “Daily Delicious”: Frozen yogurt, grass-fed ice cream

DISCLAIMER: If you work for the “Paleo Police” — you may want to skip over this post!

Tuesday, June 4th marked “National Frozen Yogurt Day!” Sadly, I did not celebrate.

However, it was about 110 degrees in my office Tuesday afternoon — so that got me to thinking about summer and cold treats.

After LOTS of strict Paleo and dieting, I have redeveloped an interest in frozen yogurt, and I believe it can be a healthy snack if you can tolerate dairy — and your are careful when choosing your toppings.

frozen yogurtThere is a frozen yogurt shop near my apartment in Wauwatosa — and I finally checked it out a few weeks ago — and it was so delicious, frozen yogurt was my dinner that night.

yo mamayo mama 1

Someday, I hope an even healthier version of frozen yogurt is readily available and easily accessible. Think: coconut milk, probiotic yogurt — or grass-fed frozen yogurt.

While grocery shopping recently, I did discover some grass-fed ice cream — that was pretty much the creamiest, best-tasting ice cream I’ve EVER had — not that I expected anything different!

grass fed ice cream

CLICK HERE for more info. on grass-fed ice cream from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.

Dairy products like ice cream and frozen yogurt should definitely be enjoyed in moderation, and only if you’re dairy tolerant — but I think if you follow the rules, frozen yogurt can part of the “20” if you follow the 80/20 Paleo approach.

I was strict Paleo for nearly two years — and I wasn’t having fun with my life. I feel like every now and then — everyone deserves a special treat!

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