EATS: DINNER INGREDIENT — Cauliflower “Spanish rice”

“Riced cauliflower” is something I began to love after becoming Paleo.

When I decided to begin to follow the Paleo diet — I began researching and following the myriad of Paleo bloggers I now follow — and I became astonished as to the variety of amazing dishes you can make using cauliflower — of all things!

Because I busted my food processor this weekend — I had to get creative when it came to making my Cauliflower Spanish Rice to be served as a filling for my veggie tacos I enjoyed for dinner this work week.

LUCKILY, I had stumbled upon THIS RECIPE via a Facebook post earlier this week — and decided to give it a try — with my own veggie substitutions!

I happened upon a Crock pot Cauliflower Rice recipe via — and the best part: NO CAULIFLOWER “ricing” REQUIRED! Hence, I wouldn’t need my food processor!

Photo Courtesy (
Photo Courtesy (

cauli riceI sliced up two heads of cauliflower, a green bell pepper and some onion, and tossed it with some green salsa I got from the grocery store, along with a can of tomato sauce I happened to have on hand, some water, and some seasonings (including Cajun seasoning, cayenne, paprika, adobo powder, roasted red pepper flakes) — and cooked it all in the slow cooker on HIGH for 3-5 hours.

cauli rice closeup

cauli rice slow cooker

I stirred occasionally, and when the cauliflower seemed tender, I took the hand mixer to it — (It’s all about improvisation!) and blended until it seemed all the cauliflower was “riced.”

cauli rice blended

I let everything cool, and it headed into the refrigerator overnight. According to the original recipe, it was supposed to soak up more of the water as it set.

Patience was a virtue here, as it was with most of my weekend recipes!

I wouldn’t assemble my tacos until it was time to pack dinner on Sunday morning!

taco finished

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