EATS: Work-week breakfast! Asian-y Kale salad!

As I have mentioned, I’m looking to eat more vegetables during the work week — using this breakfast/lunch meal as a means of getting my greens in!

This salad featuring KALE I discovered via Raw Food Recipes was just the ticket to compliment my broccoli salad I would also be enjoying with my first meal of the day.

On the site, this is called a “Holiday Salad” and is served alongside a sweet potato mash, but I decided to focus simply on the kale salad.

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

I also got some black plums to eat on the side — just whole — no preparation required. And I would also be enjoying this salad with the broccoli salad I featured in THIS POST.

The kale salad was easy to prepare because all that was required was cutting the kale into thin, small pieces and refrigerating!

The dressing would be made Sunday morning — prior to serving, due to having to soak the walnuts for the dressing. The dressing was also easy to prepare — despite the fact that I had to whip out the blender to process everything. (RIP food processor!)

I followed the recipe loosely — but decided I wanted to take the dressing in an Asian direction — not overpowering Asian, but a simple Asian flavor.

I tossed together some olive oil, some sesame oil and some Tamari (a gluten-free soy sauce) that I happened to have on hand — and added some roasted red pepper flakes.

I decided to keep this a bit simpler and didn’t add all the ingredients called for in the recipe — including celery, carrots and parsley.

I then took some walnuts I soaked overnight and blended them in my blender.
Then, I dumped the blended walnuts into the bowl with the oils and whisked everything together.

The result was a creamy, Asian-y sauce for my kale salad.

The recipe called for celery and carrots to be added to the kale prior to adding the dressing, but I simply filled my bowl with kale, tossed in some leftover soaked walnuts (whole), and massaged the dressing over the kale.

I topped the salad with some sliced sun-dried tomato I had leftover from a recipe I made last week.

The kale salad was enjoyed with broccoli salad and leftover fruit salad from Saturday night’s dinner.


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