EATS: Work-week breakfast! Broccoli salad!

As I have mentioned, I am trying to eat uber healthfully during the work week — focusing on whole foods (particularly veggies and greens, with SOME fruit).

This recipe was to serve as half of my breakfast for this upcoming work week. Saturday was my work-week-food-preparation day!

This recipe was based upon a salad I discovered via a Facebook post from: Raw Food Recipes.

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

It was very easy to prepare ahead of time!

I spent my Saturday afternoon chopping up some broccoli (I used two heads), then grating 1 zucchini, and de-frosting a bag of frozen peas (that I haven’t yet added), and the juice of two lemons — plus some safflower oil (which I happened to have on hand!)

broccoli saladABOVE: The assembled broccoli salad, minus the peas and dressing.

I refrigerated everything overnight — and waited on my cashews to soak overnight — to blend my dressing Sunday morning.

I left my cashews sitting out all evening, and overnight. I had planned to refrigerate them, but there was NO ROOM in the fridge!

cashewsOn Sunday morning, it was time to blend the cashews to make the dressing for this salad. I was nervous because I busted my food processor this weekend — so I had to dig out the ole blender for two nut-based dressings.

For the broccoli salad dressing, I blended the cashews with some of the water they soaked in, added some ACV and a little dijon mustard — along with some roasted red pepper flakes.

I decided to leave the broccoli salad and its dressing separate, and toss each serving size of the salad with the dressing when I am ready to eat.

This will be one-half of my work week breakfast/lunch this week!

lunchABOVE: Broccoli salad on the left!

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