EATS: Saturday Night’s Dinner — Baked lobster tail, NY Strip steak!

As I have mentioned, the BF (A.) and I have become regulars at Empire Fish Company — where we purchased some Maine and some African lobster tails when the retail store was having a sale.

Here’s a snapshot of the Maine lobster tails we previously cooked up:

BUTTER, with a side of lobster tail :)

BUTTER, with a side of lobster tail 🙂

A. was in charge of dinner this Saturday night — and decided he wanted to cook up the African lobster tails that were still chilling out (quite literally) in the freezer.

To complement the lobster tails, we picked up some New York Strip Steaks during a trip to Cermak on Saturday afternoon — and decided they’d be delicious next to the baked lobster tails for a special Saturday night dinner!

I’d like to say this was a special occasion dinner — but there was no special occasion, and we actually tend to eat like this a lot on the weekends. I like creating meals like this on Friday and Saturday night’s because I am off work and have the time to create and prepare the meal. During the week, working second shift prevents me from spending time in the kitchen at dinner time.

ny stripsAhead of time, I prepared a fruit salad, containing peaches, red plums, nectarines, blueberries and mango. I just chopped up the fruit, tossed it together and refrigerated everything until it was time to eat.

A. wanted to add sugar to the fruit salad — but that wasn’t happening!

Prepping the lobster tails involved a process performed by A.

membrane 1

The lobster tails were first defrosted — after which the shell covering the tail meat and membrane were removed to reveal the delicious tail meat.

membrane 2Then, the lobster tails were ready to be covered with a butter/garlic/salt+pepper mixture, wrapped in foil and baked.

lobster ready

At the same time, the NY Strips were coated with salt + pepper, seared on the stove and then finished in the oven.

steakHere’s a snapshot of my dinner plate! My steak was smothered with sauteed mushrooms and butter that I literally dumped from the foil packet the lobster tail was baked in — and served alongside my fruit salad.

saturday dinner

I ended up eating half the New York Strip, all of the lobster tail and some of the fruit salad. The other half of my steak was my “seconds” — which I enjoyed with some tuna/crab salad I had leftover after Friday night’s dinner and Saturday night’s lunch — because I have a compulsion not to let food go to waste — particularly food I spend money and time on.

Though I was VERY FULL after all this amazing-ness!

The leftover fruit salad was enjoyed for lunch on Sunday afternoon as the work week began.

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