EATS: Friday Night’s Dinner — Paleo tuna/crab salad

It was hot and humid again in the Milwaukee area on Friday — so I wanted something light, easy and of course, healthy for dinner!

I decided a cool, creamy seafood salad would be just the fit. It turned out to be something I could make ahead of time — and a simple and easy recipe with little “cooking” — on a night when the A/C was pumping full blast!

I decided upon a tuna/crab salad with homemade mayo, a side of roasted carrots with dill (Courtesy “Civilized Caveman Cooking”) and fresh strawberries.

I threw the tuna/crab salad together in the afternoon after gathering up the ingredients. I love a recipe like this with relatively few ingredients, but the crab was pricey! And I was out of olive oil, so that was pricey as well. But worth it for this recipe!


The salad consisted of two cans of crab meat that I found at the grocery store near the meat department (next to the seafood), and three cans of wild tuna.

making salad

Then, I diced up some celery, red onion and green onion and tossed everything together in a big bowl, to be stored until the mayo was ready.

Melissa Joulwan, of “The Clothes Make the Girl” stresses patience when it comes to making homemade mayo — so I took my time, and let my ingredients sit out for several hours before it was time to plop them into the food processor.

mayo ingredients

I did one serving of the recipe posted on Joulwan’s site at a time — which ended up being two servings total. That included 2 eggs, olive oil, apple cider vinegar (because I FORGOT lemons for lemon juice at the store!), Β and dijon.

I worked so hard on this mayo that I broke my food processor!!!!! 😦

making mayo

The food processor ended up overheating, and would no longer function. I’m letting it cool off — but I’m thinking it’s RIP food processor 😦

Eventually, I tossed the salad with the mayo, and stored it in the fridge for several hours.

finished chicken salad

Next, it was time to make my roasted carrots with dill — based upon a recipe by Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations.

This is the most-ridiculously easy and delicious Paleo-approved side dish you’ll find!

I had carrots on hand, and tossed some with olive oil and fresh dill — and then roasted them in the oven for 30 minutes.

This dinner was complimented with some sliced fresh strawberries — for a light, healthy, refreshing, fulfilling summer seafood dish πŸ™‚ My tuna/crab salad was served over fresh, raw, diced collard greens.


DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately, I eat at night, so this is a less-than-desirable photo 😦 Blame it on second shift!

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