EATS: Heading into the kitchen! Meal-prep PREVIEW!

I am reluctantly headed back into the kitchen this weekend! I haven’t had ANY motivation or inspiration to really create or test any new recipes lately 😦

BUT, I am hoping to break that streak this weekend!

I just got done crafting my grocery list, and here’s what I have planned for this weekend’s cooking adventures!

I am prepping meals for Friday night’s dinner, next week’s breakfasts and next week’s dinners. I am hoping for two grocery store trips, and for a relatively-affordable grocery bill.

Here’s what’s planned:

FRIDAY NIGHT’S DINNER — Paleo tuna salad (to be served atop greens), with homemade mayo — FIVE ingredients!

Check out THIS recipe, courtesy Melissa Joulwan (BLOG: “The Clothes Make the Girl”) of “Well Fed” fame.

NEXT WEEK’S BREAKFAST — Raw broccoli salad via “Raw Food Recipes,” and a kale salad from the same site, which I may enjoy with some fruit (TBA).

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

**As I mentioned, I am trying to focus on vegetables and fruit during the work week, and eating as raw as possible.

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

NEXT WEEK’s DINNER — Veggie TACOS! SUPER stoked about this recipe! I am planning a creation inspired by THIS, via Blogilates.

Photo Courtesy Blogilates

Photo Courtesy Blogilates

Instead, I plan to use collard greens as my wrap, and for the filling: spicy cauliflower rice, peppers, olives, mushrooms and perhaps — a homemade pico!

If anyone needs me this weekend: I’ll be in the kitchen! Stay tuned for my EATS posts!

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