“Food sharing” (Paleo + otherwise): The future of “fast food?”

I discovered an article (via shareable.net) regarding “shareable” meals, or peer-to-peer dining. I think this is a FANTASTIC idea that could help a lot of people to eat more healthfully.

The idea behind food sharing is: using technology, the culinary proficient can reach out to others and share meals — and there are a lot of options.

  • Meal Sharing
  • COlunching: provides people with company for lunch
  • Cookening: for hosts that love to entertain travelers
  • Mealku: a pay-it-forward meal-sharing barter system
  • ShareYourMeal: connects neighbors who have extra portions to share
  • Eat With Me: enables people to plan food events and invite others to join
  • Feastly: facilitates small to large-scale food events

A great quote from the article comes from Jason Savsani, who founded Meal Sharing — a platform that brings people together for home-cooked meals around the world.

“Our goal in the next few years is to have more hosts around the world then the top three major fast food restaurants locations. That would really say something if we succeed. That the world stood up and said, ‘I would rather trust my neighbor for food, then a major food corporation.’”

I think a Paleo meal sharing program would be an excellent way to get more people interested in the Paleo diet (and other means of healthy eating) — by sharing tasteful, healthful recipes that people can feel good about eating — and taking the guess-work out of grocery shopping, assembling ingredients and putting the recipe together. (Not to mention, saving time!)

Just call it: healthful convenience.

I get it. People are busy. I sometimes find myself scrambling to find time for food preparation — but I make eating healthy and making sure I have healthy food prepared to eat a top priority.

I know that many are busier than me. I don’t have children and my only real responsibilities are my job and taking care of my house and finances.

I understand how tempting it can be in the hustle and bustle of today’s world to grab that burger to go and scarf it down in the car — but that’s not the way I choose to enjoy my food, nor is it the way I feel food should be enjoyed — particularly food that takes hours or days to plan and prepare.

If you don’t remember how good your food was or how it tasted after eating it — you’re doing it wrong, in my opinion. If you feel worse after eating, versus fueled and energized — you’re doing it wrong.

How amazing would it be if we were dropping in to one another’s homes to pick up healthy fare instead of swinging through a drive-thru to pick up some greasy, artery-clogging food-like products — filled with chemicals that are killing us?

I admire a blogger I follow, Diane Sanfelippo (Balanced Bites). She is one of the top Paleo bloggers and is even a Paleo author — but it all started out with a Paleo meal delivery service! She was creative enough to come up with the idea of sharing healthy food with others — and followed through on her dream and her goal of doing just that.

I think what she did is the smaller-scale version of these food sharing programs — but she likely made a big impact!

If I had a farm, I would love to do a crop/veggie share and also offer a Paleo meal sharing service, based upon ingredients I have at “home.”

Then again, if I had a farm — I would create a farm-to-table restaurant on site 🙂

Maybe, someday we will see a world filled with food SHARING, vs. food corporations — that simply focus on making things cheap and convenient: flavorless, re-headed food-like products.

I’m sure most people would rather enjoy a home-cooked meal made with love and care, versus a warmed up patty resembling a hamburger slapped together by someone who is just doing his job.

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