The Daily Delicious: Seafood — Specifically, Dungeness crab

I am a lover of (most) seafood — especially in summer.

Fish is light, easy to cook, versatile — and can even be eaten raw (though I am a veggie sushi girl).

If someone asked me what the perfect summer meal would consist of, I would likely say: fish, fresh vegetables or salad and fresh fruit — washed down with a NorCal Margarita or some chilled wine.

I picture myself on a patio on a warm, slightly breezy day, wearing a sundress and Kentucky Derby-esque hat with sunglasses and no shoes.

So far this summer, despite the uncooperative Wisconsin weather (Mother Nature can’t decide between winter and summer — and there has been no spring), we have eaten fish several times of late. There is a great retail fish market near where I live — and we’ve become regulars! They have, hands down, the best fish!

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Today’s “Daily Delicious” features a ridiculously gorgeous picture from Paleo blogger “The Domestic Man” of a spread of steamed Dungeness crab. I could probably stand at one end of the line and eat my way to the other end 🙂

Dunegeness crab (Photo Courtesy "The Domestic Man")

Dunegeness crab (Photo Courtesy “The Domestic Man”)

“The Domestic Man” even goes as far as to provide detailed instructions as to how to perfect your steamed crab:

This was listed on “The Domestic Man’s” website as a suggestion for a Memorial Day feast — and I must say I might prefer a vat of these crabs with a vat of butter over a greasy burger (despite my two previous “Daily Delicious” posts.)

SIDE NOTE: REALLY amazing food photography here, and VERY creative recipes! I already want to try the Caldo Verde — Portugese Kale and Sausage Soup recipe he posted on May 28th.

Check out “The Domestic Man’s page HERE, and “Like” him on Facebook HERE.

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