The Daily Delicious: Bacon + Beef = Burger!

TUESDAY, MAY 28TH — Still on the burger kick. Call it a Memorial Day hangover. (That, or I just need to get myself a new grill since mine is out of commission! I keep dreaming of grilled burgers, brats and veggies!)

Michael Symon

Michael Symon

I saw this picture posted on Twitter — specifically, on the Twitter page belonging to Chef Michael Symon — one of the chefs who regularly competes on Iron Chef America (any other Food Network addicts out there?)

(RANDOM THOUGHT: There needs to be a Paleo Food Network show!)

Photo Courtesy

ANYWAY, apparently Chef Symon likes burgers consisting of more bacon than burger. I’m with him there!

More on Chef Michael Symon:

LADIES — He’s a looker! He IS married, but PSH — I know I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating (Paleo) crackers.

SPEAKING of burgers — get a load of THIS!:

nyc burgerA burger crafted by Joey Campanaro of Little Owl in New York City — made with ground beef brisket and ground short rib. I’m sure it is DIVINE. If only I had me a meat grinder!

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