EATS: Veggie collard wraps (Courtesy Don’t Fear the Vegan)

Yikes! My first “recipe blog!” FULL DISCLOSURE: I DEFINITELY need to do a better job with my recipes! I typically scan a recipe to get an idea, and then just throw things together as I go.

It’s nice, because I never really make the same thing twice — but when I am at a loss as to what to make, I can’t go back to a recipe archive to get ideas — which is why I follow A LOT of food blogs!

The real purpose of this blog is to serve as a sort of recipe database that will encourage me to make note of what I make — and serve as another place to plop my food pictures besides Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 🙂

The nice thing about following so many bloggers on Facebook and Twitter is that there are always great recipe ideas floating around in my head. I’ve taken to emailing them to myself to remind myself to make them!

Hopefully, I can do that for others.

So here goes!

During the work week, I’ve been trying to eat vegan as 1) a way to save money and 2) eat more healthfully.

Lately I have been eating salads because they are easy and I can prep them in bulk and quickly assemble them before leaving for work — but I was getting bored this week and decided to seek out some new ideas via Facebook and blogs.

I found this recipe for Pecan, Avocado Lettuce and Tomato wraps via a blog called “Don’t Fear the Vegan.” 

DISCLAIMER: Though I follow a Paleo diet about 90% of the time, I know there is a “war” between vegans and cavepeople SO — I just want to say I support all dietary choices and don’t tell people how to fuel their bodies. Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for me — and vice versa.

Photo Courtesy Don't Fear the Vegan

Photo Courtesy Don’t Fear the Vegan

I was feeling lazy this past weekend, so this easy recipe was perfect.

The hardest part was soaking the pecans (simply because it was the most time-consuming), and processing the pecan spread.

All I did was throw the raw pecans (from Trader Joe’s) into a bowl with water and let it sit for several hours.

Then, I combined the softened, soaked pecans with the remaining ingredients listed in the recipe for the paste.


My pecan paste doesn’t have the consistency of a paste or a spread, so I just kind of crumble it onto the collard wrap, and then top that with artichokes (my addition to the recipe), a whole avocado (sliced), and grape tomatoes (sliced).

I wasn’t sure how it would turn out — but I am rather impressed. It’s healthy and light, which is perfect for summer (despite our less-than-perfect Wisconsin weather).

LEFT: Courtesy Don't Fear the Vegan

LEFT: Courtesy Don’t Fear the Vegan


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1 Response to EATS: Veggie collard wraps (Courtesy Don’t Fear the Vegan)

  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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